Day 12

I can’t believe that Day 12 is coming to a close.  It has almost been 2 weeks since my retirement/re-firement began.

When I had been on a two-week vacation it seemed like I had just left the office when it was time to go back to work.  At this point in time it feels like I have been away from the Bank for a very long time.  Much longer than the 12 days that it has been.   I am certain that it will be an interesting transition.

Over the weekend the last of the office furniture went to good homes so now it is time to start ripping out the carpet, and peeling wall paper to start on the new “closet” project.  I have been sitting in the empty office in my chair thinking about all the wonderful memories from the Bank.  I wish I could have accomplished more.  I know I could have done so much more and been an even more impactful leader than I was.  In saying that I am so thankful to RBC for all they entrusted me to do.  My career was EXCEPTIONAL.

Today was a day off work for Roxanne and in addition to housework, going through mail, and doing laundry we watched 6 Christmas movies on “W”.  The Hallmark Christmas movies are absolutely amazing.  Make sure you take some time to watch some of them this Christmas season.

One of the reasons I retired was that my “hips” have been giving me lots of problems and I am waiting for the next “step”.  I will say that over the past 12 days they have been impacted even further.  I don’t know if it is because I am doing more physical work or what the cause may be.  The one thing I learned over the last few days is that I can no longer hide my limp from people and that it is becoming very difficult to walk.  I have to remain confident that everything is going to work out just fine.

Who knows this Blog over the coming months may discuss hip replacements and recovery.  I have found some other ones and they have proven to be an interesting read.

In the meantime I will continue to discuss my transition, and the great things that are in store with each and every day.

Have a wonderful night everyone.


2 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. Gord… you have accomplished way more then you are giving yourself credit for… your legacy will continue for years to come and I personally want to THANK YOU for your contribution. I miss you terribly but must say that this new journey is very interesting and I am with you….. sorry the limp is not happy…. I cannot wait till you tell us the surgery was a success…

    cheers to you and Roxanne…. keep the renovation details for us all 🙂


  2. I’m sorry to hear that your hips are not being kind to you. You remain in my thoughts and prayers for a short wait time for surgery and a speedy/successful recovery. Just listen to when your body says slow down for the day. I’m not sure that anyone could have contributed more or left such a positive impact to our great company than you. I look forward to seeing pictures of Roxanne’s completed closet.


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