Day 7

It is very hard to believe that a week ago today I was still working and finishing up many of the things I needed to do.  Even as I sit here typing I realize that I did not get everything finished.  My apologies to my former employer….I sure did try to get everything done.

I have had a lot of ups and downs in the last week.  I used to get about 200 emails a day and spoke on the phone or was in meetings for much of the day.  Going at that speed late into your last night of work and then shutting it off has been a challenge for me.

Yesterday my phone rang, the number was from one of my former team members.  I did not have a chance to answer it, but when I listened to the call later I realized it must have been a pocket dial.  I texted the person and said your “phone pocket dialed me”.  They had no idea how that had happened.  Maybe their phone knew I needed some contact 🙂

So far this week have installed a new monitor and printer, and watched a plumber install a new hot water tank.    The printer is an HP and is the smaller version of the printer we were using at the Bank.  I enjoyed that printer so much we had to buy one almost like it.    It is truly amazing the quality of printer you can buy now for a low-cost.

I also bought a blue tooth speaker to use with my new phone.   Mr. M.  you were 100% correct.  I don’t miss the Blackberry whatsoever.  The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has brought me to the 21st century.  It is so great to be able to listen to music on the phone.

Thanks to the W channel for showing all the great Christmas movies as I have been watching plenty of those.

Today I get to go to a lunch and an appointment so that will keep me busy for part of the day.  Then it will be time to make dinner for Roxanne again.

Last night was the first night I made dinner since retirement.  The Facebook post generated lots of likes and comments.  I am adding a picture to this post.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for taking time to read my Blog.  I am realizing that the transition of a self proclaimed work-a-holic into retirement is just a difficult as I thought it would be.




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