Day 3

Today Saturday is the 3rd day of retirement.  I was blessed to spend part of the day at the Edmonton Eskimos game wife Roxanne my best friend and wife.  The Eskimos won the game but sadly missed the playoffs.  It was great day to be outside on a sunny fall day after yesterday’s snow.

I have learned that there are pros and cons to retiring at the beginning of November.  One of the pros is that we are starting to get close to Christmas.  Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year.  I love the hustle, bustle and all the activities.  I also love the movies and the Christmas music.  Sirius XM has started to play Christmas music and that has grabbed my attention.  As well one of the TV channels has started to play Christmas movies.  Roxanne told me to relax, so I have been spending much of my time  watching movies.  With Christmas on its way I know that all the activities will help me take my mind off the fact that I will not be working anymore.

In saying that one of the Cons is the fact that some of the music and movies make me shed a tear or two.    So with that in mind I will also admit that I have shed a tear or two over the last several days about “retirement” and not being at work with all my amazing colleagues.

I loved work, and was truly blessed by working with all the amazing people.  Countless people in society dread Monday mornings, because they don’t want to head back to work.  They are lost in a job they don’t enjoy.  I never had that feeling.  I will be the first to admit that many days during the 400 months had challenges but never once did I not want to go to work.

I used to say to people that Friday was the worst day of the week because we would not see our colleagues again until Monday.  The follow-up statement was that Monday was the best day of the week because we were back at work with our colleagues.  People used to laugh at me all the time when I would share that phrase.

Some of my love for work was probably my personality,  but I am confident that there were other things at play to ensure that I remained positive, focused and impactful.  I will talk about some of those over the coming days and months.

Bottom line, after 3 days  I am missing work very much.  But for the first time since grade one I realized I don’t have to be responsible for anything.   Roxanne of course is an exception to that thinking.

With that I will end for tonight,  thanks everyone for reading and enjoy that extra hour of sleep that we will get this evening.



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