The Battle Belongs To The Lord

I trust that everyone is having a fantastic day. I know it is a beautiful day in Edmonton this morning after 3 weeks of abnormally cold weather. It is nice to be able to go outside for a walk and not be dressed in 3 or 4 layers of clothes.

Some of you have asked me to write the next edition of The Journey going on in our lives. Thank You to those who read the post from last week and as promised here is the next edition.

November 18, 2020, it was time to go visit with Dr. S-1 and the Oncologist Dr. S-2. As I said last week I am very comfortable with Dr. S-1 but this was our first meeting with Dr. S-2. It was a busy room, Roxanne and I, the 2 doctors and 2 residents. We had no idea what the conversation would entail.

It did not take long for Dr S.2 to say, “Gord, you have stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma.” He explained my time line for survival if we did nothing. Nothing like getting to the point and giving us the news all at once and in a quick manner. He explained Immunotherapy Treatment, which is a newer form of fighting cancer. It is intended to boost the immune system so your own body is fighting and killing the cancer. He shared all the potential side effects caused by treatments. Roxanne listened and wrote them down, I was thinking about the first comments that I would make.

Of course we said that I would start the treatments, but I went one step further.. I recounted the story of David killing a bear, a lion and finally Goliath with God’s help, I said to the crowd in the room, that the first Melanoma surgery was the bear, hip surgery the lion, and now the metastatic melanoma being the giant.

I think back on it now, I did not have any health issues until I hit my 50’s. I was rarely ever at a doctor prior to that, so the things that have occured have caused much learning.

Roxanne and I knew that there would be a battle in front of us, but we also knew that The Battle Belongs to the Lord. We knew that we needed to draw on Him like never before as we moved forward in the journey.

I did say as WE moved forward in the journey. One thing I have learned and will talk about it more in future writings is that both spouses are on the journey when one is diagnosed with cancer. Both have to be in unity, and in our case trusting our faith to be able to move forward with confidence day by day.

Roxanne, I and the doctors were all on the same page we would start the Immunotherapy Treatments. The first would be scheduled for the following week. I had no idea what to anticipate, but we were comfortable with the 2 doctors and fully trusting in The Lord.

A few days later we went to Elk Island National Park, which is the picture at he start of today’s post. It was a great day of just walking around, relaxing and seeing all the amazing sights.

Well that is it for today’s post, I have no idea who is going to read this but part of the reason I am writing is to remind people how much God loves you, and He is never too busy for you.

Deuteronomy  31:8 It is the Lord Who goes before you; He will [march] with you; He will not fail you or let you go or forsake you; [let there be no cowardice or flinching, but] fear not, neither become broken [in spirit—depressed, dismayed, and unnerved with alarm].

Have an amazing day everyone.

12 thoughts on “The Battle Belongs To The Lord

  1. I was just informed. I’m crushed!!! I know your faith will get you through this. I knows as well that my spouse is connected to the ” upstairs” and in her conversation with them, she has received many favours in the past.I have less influence but I’m going to ask as well for an audience and as since I’m an infrequent visitor, Claudia tells me that my request will be well received. I’ve experienced personal miracles and I know they happen. All we have to do is ask.

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    1. Hi Ron, so great to hear from you. Please don’t be crushed, we are going to win this battle. Thank you to both you and Claudia for your prayers. Hope to see you sometime in the coming year, and again Thank you so much my friend.


  2. I’m so happy you directed me here and I am sending you all good wishes! I can feel your faith and we all know that is such a blessing! As people go through hard times it is those who have this kind of faith that can walk on the path with love, kindness, and patience. I imagine there is much more to this story and hope to read it.
    Sweet Blessings to you and keep that healing all around you! _/\_


  3. Thank you for sharing Gord. Anita and I are thinking of you. I have started my own journey with Cancer being diagnosed in October which I know will be a long road but like you I have a remarkable supportive partner in Anita with me on this journey. Let’s try to connect one of these days. Take care.


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