Every Day Is A New Beginning

I woke up this morning realizing that today was 3 years since I retired. What a joruney for the last 3 years. I will say that I was so blessed to be able to reire while in my mid 50’s. I just don’t know how time has gone so fast over the last 3 years.

I also realized that I have not written very much over the past 18 months, That will be changing as I have a story to share with all of you. Over the coming months I am going to share a story of faith and God’s goodness.

I heard a great expression this morning. The company Promises Performance BUT GOD PERFORMS PROMISES. There is so much truth to that. Even in 2021 God continues to Perform Promises.

We can never doubt that God is still in the Miracle Working Business.

One update I will give this morning is for the last 19 months I have been doing Facebook Live calls to encourage people and remind people of God’s love. Someone recently told me that I am close to 350 Calls. In my wildest imagination I would never have thought that I would be doing FaceBook live calls. I do realize that retirement allowed me to do these calls. I would not have been able to do them if I was still working. I know that the calls have been an encouragement to me and many others. I wonder how long I will continue with them.

Just a short post for today, have an amazing day everyone and remember God loves you so much and He wants the very best for you.

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