Day 51 And Retirement Is So Much Fun……….

The Floor Is Finished

Just wanted to give a quick update on “The Closet” as many of you have been asking how Gord’s project/commitment is coming along.

As you can see the floor is now in, and it looks great. We are making faster progress than I thought and I want to ensure that we continue working even though the holidays are here. We will be off to Ikea to look for the shelves that we want to put have in the room and the painting will be completed very soon. I know Roxanne is liking the progress as well. It is such a different spot than it was when it was my office. Maybe I should have changed it years ago, if so maybe I would have kept working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another wonderful fact about retirement! I went for a 2 hour lunch today with my good friends Connie and Al and I did not have to be concerned about being anywhere. That is a wonderful feeling.

Well the quick update is now finished. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, enjoy the blessing of the Christmas season. Spend time with those you love. You never know when they may no longer be there. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog….

2 thoughts on “Day 51 And Retirement Is So Much Fun……….

  1. the floor looks fantastic…great job!! (though the email update showed up with a coloured background behind the text which made it a bit difficult to read). btw…I hope you keep up with the blog, it’s been a treat getting the updates…Merry Christmas to you and Roxanne! 🙂


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