Day 47

The first cake I have ever baked

Day 47 is here and time is going so very fast.  Retirement is truly UNDER- RATED. This past Friday I made my first cake.  A Coca-Cola Cake from scratch.  It is funny that it has taken me this long to bake a cake.  The cake may not have been perfect looking but all “reviews” are that it was great.   That same night I made baked pasta with meat sauce for dinner.  Roxanne said that also passed with flying colors.

I know in one of my earlier posts I wondered when the best time of year to retire would be.  I have come to the realization that November 1st is a perfect day.. The last month and a half have been amazing.  I have found it so easy to get into the Christmas mood.  Watching movies and playing music almost everyday.  Cards are mailed and I was able to do them during the day and not have to fit them in after a day of work.   When a person is ready to retire I would recommend this time of year without hesitation.  It is also great to go to the mall during the middle of the day when it is not as busy.   One of my great friends, (Mr. M) says that retirees are out between 10 and 2.  I think he may have a point.  Today I had to run a few errands.  Left the house at about 10:15 and was home in an hour.  Three stops,  minimal lines and the traffic was great.  

Recently I read that young kids laugh about 300 times a day, while adults laugh less than 20 times a day. I have to wonder what happens to us as we age.  The one thing I have promised myself is that I am going to try and laugh much more in retirement.  I will try to also enjoy the little things much more.  I don’t think we spend enough time enjoying the little things.

Christmas is just around the corner and I want to thank all of you for reading my Blog.  Should this be my last post before Christmas,  I want to wish you and your families all the blessings of the season.  The little baby born in the manger, became a man who gave His life for us that we might have life.  Take time to enjoy the memories that you will make with all your friends and loved ones.  Each moment is so very important.  Live each moment to the fullest.

2 thoughts on “Day 47

  1. I’m enjoying reading about the new things you are doing in retirement. I am looking forward to sharing your joy in 30 days, that will pass by much quicker than I am expecting. Merry Christmas to you and Roxanne!


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