Day 26

A fantastic quick get away

It is hard to believe that day 26 is already here.  Almost a whole month has passed.  That means I will have only 399 months of retirement before hitting the 400 months that I had with RBC.  

Roxanne and I went away for 5 days to the Seattle/Mukilteo area and we had lots of fun and made many wonderful memories.

It was the first vacation/trip that I have taken where I did not have to deal with emails, answer phone calls or think about what was waiting back at the office.  It was just a time of great relaxing.   I would recommend it to everyone.  The work-a-holic who no longer works had a VACATION.  Amazing….

Roxanne goes back to work tomorrow so hopefully one day she will have the exact same feeling.

While visiting Seattle I met a couple of people on the street who impacted me greatly.  They were great to talk to and they put smiles on my face.  I trust I was also able to put  SMILES on their faces.  I have to continue to greet every morning with the realization that I am so blessed.  My life truly is EXCEPTIONAL.

We are praying for all our friends in Ukraine today as we have been reading about the present situation with Russia.

I will be back working on the “closet” tomorrow, and hopefully this week I will make some progress.  I don’t think it will be finished until the new year.

Have a wonderful week everyone.


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