The Journey Is Long But I Have Come Far

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Let me start of by wishing all the Mom’s and all the Ladies, an Amazing and Blessed Mother’s Day 2022! I have learned that so many women make such a powerful difference in people’s lives whether they are a mother or not. So celebrate and enjoy the day and let people spoil you. I trust that everyone will have the opportunity to make wonderful memories.

Now it is time to get back to late June 2021 as I continue to share my story. I ended the last post by saying I was going back to the Gamma Knife Unit. I had an updated MRI of my brain on a Wednesday, on the Thursday we had the call from the Neurologist saying they found a second lesion on my brain. We sure were not expecting that to show up on the MRI. But what was really interesting is that he asked me If I had a certain mild episode occurring. I was able to tell them I actually had 4 and they were in the last 4 days. Absolutely amazing what they can tell by looking at the brain. The skills and talents they have are astounding.

We had the call on Thursday and were back at the Gamma Knife Unit on the following Monday for treatment. We have been so blessed with such short time lines for all my medical procedures and appointments. I will confidently say that God is involved in the timelines.

The treatment occurred, I was the first of 4 people that was having the procedure that day. The procedure in the morning. In spite of the circumstances it was great to see the same staff again that we had met almost 6 months earlier. They are such caring individuals. When it was finished it was still early enough that Roxanne and I went and had a nice breakfast on a patio on a beautiful sunny morning. However I do have more wisdom now and I sat in the shade.

Let’s get to the next adventure! Dr. S3 the posterior Ophthalmologist referred me to another office and one his colleagues Dr. K an anterior Ophthalmologist. It was quite the appointment, he looked in my eyes and said “Poor Guy” I toned down his language a little for my BLOG as I want to keep it a family friendly BLOG. But we did laugh and joke and he told me about the seriousness of the situation. We knew I couldn’t really see, but he also said that the inflammation had caused my irises to stick to my lenses. He would have to separate the irises from my lenses during the surgery. My lenses were also shot by that point in time from additional drugs they had me on and they also needed replacing. I was gently reminded that I had never worn glasses in the past. Humbling but I know in the future I will be able to encourage others.

It was one more thing to add to the “mystery of the eyes” He said that I would need to have surgery at the hospital and that I was probably looking at a 9 month wait. He also indicated that he was going to do one eye at one surgery and the next at another surgery. He did not want to do both eyes at the same time due to the risk involved. He wanted me to see one of the booking staff before I left to schedule the appointment for surgery.

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Here is another example of a miracle scheduling! From the 9 months he estimated we were able to have the surgery scheduled in just over 3 weeks. WOW……We will never stop thanking God for that quick timeline.

August 10, 2021 the day of the surgery. Roxanne and I arrived at the hospital and due to covid they would not let her in. It was very surprising how all the hospitals in Edmonton had different rules regarding allowing people in. Oh well in I went.

I look at the picture of myself before the surgery wearing 2 pairs of reading glasses and realize how far I have actually come. Some days I don’t realize how bad the eyes really were. I needed those glasses just to see what was going on. Am I driving even now? No, but I can read the paper now with just one pair of reading glasses.

Dr. K visited with me prior to the surgery and said “I sure hope that I do not need to use 90% of the instruments that I have ready”. He also told me that if something went wrong and they needed to do retinal work that Dr. S3 was in the hospital that day. Dr. K also let me know that I set a record for his fastest surgery being completed after the first appointment. Quick time lines!

I think the hardest part of the surgery was getting an IV into me that day. I was so under that All I remember is praying before surgery and a few of them talking about life insurance. They said it went well and I would have a follow up appointment the next day. Praise God he didn’t need to use the majority of the instruments that he had ready.

I think that is enough writing for today, but as I was writing today’s post I have been listening to the “Goodness of God” over and over and over. I am reminded indeed that ALL MY LIFE HE HAS BEEN FAITHFUL. HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN FAITHFUL AND ALWAYS WILL BE FAITHFUL

I will end with a portion of 2 Thessalonians 3:3 But the Lord is faithful; he will make you strong and guard you.

Once again, thanks so much for reading, enjoy Mother’s Day weekend everyone.